What happens when you comment JUMP on Facebook?

You have seen a photo on Facebook with a bear that threatens a guy standing on a mountain top and you are instructed to comment the photo with the word “Jump” and watch and see what happens?

But you don’t want to do that because you assume that this is bullshit? Or you might even have commented “JUMP” but nothing happens and you don’t get the trick? I suppose you are here because you want to know what really happens if you comment JUMP on Facebook…

Bear and Guy on a mountain

1. Click on photo 2. Comment 'Jump' 3. Watch and see what happens

Here is the answer: Nothing happens! The man will not jump nor will the bear jump. This is a photo, not a video or an animation. How on earth could something happen with the photo by commenting ‘jump’ or any other word? Apart from that the picture is a really bad photoshop montage.

But it is not entirely true that nothing happens. The more people comment something or like or share the photo, the more will the picture be distributed on Facebook and the page that initiated this fake will get thousands of likes, shares and comments which results in a better EdgeRank and helps the site to get more popular.

There is one command that actually does something when you press a key. By pressing the key “L” you automatically “like” the photo (only works in the lightbox mode). By pressing “L” again, you unlike it. Try it out!

Facebook Photo Lightbox

Press 'L' to like or unlike a photo

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