Facebook: Eminem is world’s most popular person

Eminem is Facebook’s new most popular living person and has more than 28,880,000 fans on the biggest social networking site. The number of fans increases rapidly by every minutes that goes by. He adds up as many as 546,000 new fans each week. Only the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has with 29.1 million fans a larger following than any other person on Facebook.

Eminem dethrones Lady Gaga as most popular living person on Facebook. Her reign lasted eight months. At the moment she gatheres more than 28,870,000 Fans around herself. On 25th June last year, she surpassed Barack Obama, who has since dropped to 12th place in the charts. Eminem has finally overtaken Lady Gaga in a closely contested and long drawn out battle.

At the beginning of this week, Eminem also reached the one billion view milestone on his Youtube account. Only Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga managed to attract more visitors.

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