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OnPage Optimization: What Tools do you use?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) there are two main disciplines: OnPage Optimization and OffPage Optimization. While OffPage basically describes link building and social media activities, OnPage goes along with all criteria that can be improved on the website itself such as crawlability (domain management, redirects, page speed, HTML, meta tags …), information […]

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Google launches +1 and counters Facebook Like Button with own Recommendation Tool

Google just launched its own recommendation tool and gets social. The tool with the name ‘+1‘ is the answer to Facebook’s very popular Like button. People can use +1 to rate search results in Google’s SERPs and to value useful and relevant websites or adwords ads, provided that they have a Google account.

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Twitter & Co as a Ranking Factor

Last week, Google has updated its algorithm to rank web content for search phrases related to your social environment (‘Social Search‘). As a result, content generated on social media channels like Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Blogger or Flickr will be applied to calculate the Google ranking. Information provided by Facebook users might be added to the […]

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