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Save the rhinos with Facebook & Co

Although we are living in the 21st century, the bloody and horrifying “work” of brutal poachers is leaving its traces in South African game reserves and recent estimates have shown that by 2015 all rhinos will be wiped out of their natural habitat if people do not start reacting on the increasing number of criminal […]

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How the Beauty Industry leverages Social Media

Social media becomes more and more important. Most big beauty brands already have jumped on the bandwagon and have leveraged social media to engage with customers and prospects and build worthwhile relationships. But how do they integrate their social media strategy into their marketing mix? First of all you need to ask yourself what your […]

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Social Media in the Tourism Industry

Social media is a fast growing field. It is, therefore, very important for nearly every business field to take advantage of social media tools as a part of the marketing strategy. These social media tools make it easier to communicate with your customers and prospects. Especially in the tourism sector, where a lot of potential […]

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