3 Ways to attract Attention from other Blogs

You have a blog but nobody reads what you spread to the world although you create interesting and valuable content?

Especially new blogs need to be promoted within the blogosphere. Read the following tips to learn how to attract attention and traffic from other blogs.

1. Post Comments

Start to post comments on related blogs that deal with the same topics as you do. But please consider the following rules:

  • Don’t just spam around! Otherwise you will be flagged as spammer and it will be very hard to get rid of this status. Instead, be a part of the community and add value to other blogs. Show other people that you know what you are talking about, that you are an expert in your field. By posting high quality comments it is more likely that people will click on your author link and be redirected to your blog. Maybe a new regular reader?!
  • There are nofollow and dofollow links. If comments are tagged with the nofollow-attribute, Google will ignore this link (no link juice will flow to your site), but other readers DON’T. Even if comment links are tagged as nofollow other readers might click on your link and come to your blog. Even if the link does not improve your ranking, your link will drive direct traffic and interested readers to your blog!
  • Be quick! If your comment appears above other comments it is more likely to be seen by readers. Besides, traffic is the highest shortly after the blog post was published.
  • The more you post comments, the more people will click on your author link. But don’t neglect quality! Furthermore, a regular activity on other blogs will enhance relationships with important niche bloggers.

2. Link to other blogs

Yes, if you link to another website, your readers might click on these links where they can find continuative information and leave your blog. Also you will send link juice to other websites. But that is not a bad thing! Your readers will come back to your blog if you write good content. The web only works with links and if nobody wants to link to other websites because they are afraid to loose link juice the world wide web would not work.

There is another advantage by linking to other relevant blogs. The webmasters will be informed via Trackback that you linked to their side. And this trackback normally appears as a comment under the article you linked to. Not only that you will attract the blog owners’ attention for your blog, you will also get direct traffic if the readers of the other blog click on the trackback url. By linking to other blogs you are able to connect with the blogosphere, to improve relationships with niche bloggers and to attract attention for your blog. So, if you find a valuable source and use this source to create your content, please link to the website. Like www.integralwebsolutions.co.za says: If you want more traffic, give more traffic. It is only fair and your readers will appreciate that you provide continuative information. Also Google values these so called information hubs that provide interesting and relevant content by linking to other authority websites.

3. Write Guest Posts

By writing guest posts on other blogs you not only attract attention for your blog and your person/work/expertise but also benefit of backlinks which help to improve your ranking.

It is quite hard to get backlinks from the top blogs within your niche. These blogs normally get so many link exchange requests that they just ignore these mails. Another way to get backlinks are guest posts. Every blog needs high quality. So do these top blogs. Get in contact with the owners of a top blog within your niche and ask whether they publish guest posts. If they do so, take advantage of this chance, even if they don’t pay you for writing an article! It is worth it as you will be able to reach a larger audience than on your blog and normally you will also get a backlink for your work.

But don’t just write down a short article. Your post should contain interesting information which adds value to the readers of the host blog. Show your expertise, show your knowledge. People who read your article and find it valuable might become regular readers of your own blog.

Read some more traffic tips on adinwalls.co.za: 15 tips to increase blog traffic

What do you think about these ideas? What are your tips & tricks to drive traffic to your blog? Please leave a comment.

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3 Responses to 3 Ways to attract Attention from other Blogs
  1. Mike Pedersen
    November 5, 2010 | 9:29 pm

    These three points is all you really need…ever! I think commenting should be taken more seriously though. I can’t stand the “nice blog”, “like your design” comments. Lame! Take an extra 3-4 minutes to add something of value to the post to keep it going. That’s how people will come across your insightful comment and click your link.


  2. Klaus
    November 8, 2010 | 11:43 am

    Hi Mike,

    Right. People who call themselves “cheap washing machine” and only post comments like “great article. I bookmarked your site” or so will maybe get one or two links out of 10 but for sure no reputation.

  3. Aravind Bachu
    December 1, 2012 | 6:38 am

    that’s right, but sometimes a really god article solving some genuine problem of yur readers generates a lots of just “thanks” comments…these are the most difficult to sort out. Neither you can ruthlessly delete them nor easily acknowledge them thoroughly. these turn out to be the Spammers golden nests.